Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 4: Heavenly Opals

Today I have pink opal. The necklace needed some earrings--a busy day task. The necklace is made of Free Form Pink Opals, opal chips and tiny silver round beads. The earrings are made of pink opal rounds, rondelles in two sizes and tiny silver beads. I need some pink jewelry this year because I look good in pink (who knew?). When I wear pink and brown or turquoise and brown I get so many compliments. So...I need pink.

Opal is a stone with varying appearance made of hydrated silica. It is considered to be a lucky stone that enhances psychic awareness, beauty, memory, loyalty and love. In addition the health benefits are blood cleanser, aid the kidneys, reduce fever, improve eyesite and instil a strong will to live. Pink opal has no fire but has a soft satin appearance and delicate feminine color, and it has a long list of restorative properties. Info taken from Making Jewelry with Gemstones, by Barbara Case (a great book for designing jewelry with my favorite beads--gemstones). My opal, although it is natural, is not as pink--more peach. (Lower quality, but still pretty.) Love this one

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