Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 1: Capiz Shell Earrings

This is it. Last night after foolishly taking vows before God and the whole world, I got cold feet. What was I thinking? Can I make a piece of jewelry everday, in one day? Yikes! Some pieces may take more than one day, but, hopefully, I can work it out. I don't want 300+ pair of earrings. The important thing is that I do it. "There is no try."

I decided to start small. I have a necklace that I made two years ago, but never wear because I thought it looked wrong. You know how that happens. Sometimes designing is not all that successfull. After wearing it a few times and getting compliments on it, I decided to make an earring set to go with it. The idea for the necklace came from Avon, but it was mostly an experiment. The earrings are an experiment, too. Not gallery quality, but adequate.

To make them I used half a toggle piece, tied the four colors of cord onto it with a Lark's-Head knot passing the loop from top to bottom making the tails uneven by about an inch. Keep the piece one side up. String on the various sizes and colors of Capiz shells by passing the string from the top to the bottom so the knots don't show as much. Tie simple in-line knots under the shell varying the spot on each cord. Tie two on the longer half. Place a drop of glue or clear polish (my choice) on each knot including the Lark's-Head. Let dry and cut off the tail below the knot. Attach a jumpring and earwire of your choice so the top side is out and Voila, it is done.

Now that wasn't so hard. I may have to adjust some of the knots which won't be so easy after cutting off the tails; one earing is longer than the other and on one the knots are back to front, but that is an easier fix.

I am ready for the world now. I reached my first goal. Only 313 more to go. Piece of cake!

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  1. I almost like them hanging in the garden then on the ears! LOL. They are pretty.