Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Clean Up--Use Leftover Beads

Today:  clean up your stash and use up some leftovers.

Interesting idea.  I have lots of leftover beads, but they are not so easy to find.  Here is a project that used two beads that I keep running into and really want to do something with.  This is not such a memorable project, but it was fun and easy.  I need easy some days this month or I will never finish.

The beads are green lampworked beads that have a fancy gold stripe around the middle and a wavy gold line top and bottom.  Tiny bits of glass have been fused onto the gold line.  I have always kept these aside to use, but what can you do with only two beads?

I decided to make a pair of earrings.  Emerald Green is the Pantone Color of the Year so I am making many green items.  This will go with some of the necklaces that I will make.  

I consider these two beads to be somewhat regal.   A gold headpin that is flattened on the end is used to look like a tiny tassel.  The main beads are flanked with small green Swarovski bicones to add sparkle and jewel tones and fill the large hole.  The beads are suspended an inch or so down the pin from a gold jumpring to give them movement and presence.  

See The Royal Green Earring:

One bead is fancier than the other, but as my Mother used to say:  "Who's going to notice on a galloping goose."  

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