Friday, March 8, 2013

Gather Fellow Beaders

Today's (not) challenge:  Gather your fellow beaders and have a beading date night!

This outing or ining is scheduled for later in the month.  I am so pleased to find friends who would like to bead.  They are invited over but not tonight.

Contingency plan:  On the first day of March I made several pair of earring to fill in on days when I just cannot make anything.  

Tiger Eye Heart is constructed of 25mm carved Tiger Eye hearts, T/E rondelles and faceted T/E round beads.  All the findings are in Gold Plate.  An up-eye is first glued into the hole at the top of the heart,  then wire is attached with wire wrapping, the beads strung on with bead caps on either side of the round beads and earwires attached to the top with wire wrapping.  This is an easy project.
The most time involved is waiting for the glue to dry overnight.

See it:  Tiger Eye Heart Earring:

Tiger Eye is one of my favorite gemstones.  As the piece moves the gold lights up as in the heart on the left.  This is called chatoyancy and is present in many gemstones with Tiger Eye being one of the most noticable.  They are beautiful.  As the earring dangles, the lights of the stone change and dance.

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