Friday, March 1, 2013

Time Marches On

It March 2013 and I am challenging myself to bead daily again.  This is craft month and Fusion beads is doing their March Beading Challenge again.  I am up for it (once more).  Last year I made it to March 6th.  Let me pass that date this year and keep on beading.
The first challenge is to make a pair of earrings.  Easy peasy.  I have made at least 6 pair of earrings so far.  I must admit that this first pair was made in February for fun, but I now have made one in silver to sell.  I hope to get a spot on a farmer's market this summer once a week.  I think earrings are the easiest to make so I may just feature them.  

Hearts of Green is made simply with a partially drilled green aventurine heart to which I glued an up-eye and then constructed the earrings--one pair in gold for me and one in silver.  Add a very simple wire wrapped beaded rondelle and Swarovski Palace Opal Crystal and voila, it is done.  We don't want to start out too hard and get discouraged.

Taking the pictures was discouraging.  Not the best.  The beads really do match the hearts better than it shows.

With Silver
With Gold

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