Thursday, March 7, 2013

Make a Piece Using Cord.

Today's challenge:  Make a piece using cord.

Not much challenge in this piece.  The focal bead is an extra large heart that defies placement in a piece of jewelry.  For the month of February it was worn on a piece of green cord (only at home) in accordance with the COY--Emerald Green.  It was warn over several new Emerald and Kelly green tops.  It wanted an idea and this piece just begged to be finished properly.

This is the result:  large glass heart, red 1mm leather cording and small red glass hearts held in place with a copper crimp beneath them.  For a clasp, a handmade dark copper hook was cooked up with copper coils as an cord end.  

Here is Hearts and Hearts Necklace:

A larger cord would be suitable. but would not fit through the small red hearts that have a hole drilled across the top instead of through the center.  There are more hearts in the inventory to play with.

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