Saturday, March 2, 2013


Today is the first day that I could go outside to take some pix.  It is still winter-like, but a little warmer.  It is overcast and windy and some of the pix are a little too bright, so I moved the bright pieces in the house.  I don't like the light in the house for pix as a rule.

I am starting with a  montage (sp?) of jewelry made for the first part of the month.  I arranged them thus when classes were coming over to show what I was doing with my beads.  

That it may show up in the proper order I will treat this as the post for March 2 even though it March is almost over.  I may not catch this all up before the end of the month; I have Pack Meeting, work, women's conference and Easter.  See what I can do today.

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