Saturday, March 9, 2013

Repair a Broken Jewelry Piece

Today:  We've all got one--it's time to repair that broken jewelry piece.

I have that piece.  Several pieces.

The piece I chose to repair is one of the first pieces of jewelry that I made.  The crimp bead broke and beads went all over the carseat. It is constructed out of acrylic beads that I purchased at Walmart when I first got interested in jewelry.  I didn't know they were 'acrylic' for a long time.  I just assumed they were glass.  Silly me.  I have now developed the tooth test to distinguish glass from acrylic.  By the way, they were not labeled as to content. 

I found this wonderful book, Stringing Style, by Jamie Hogsett, and fell in love with everything in the book.  I have made many of the bead projects.  At first, I had to have the exact beads and would look all over town and even in Pocatello for them.  I finally branched out with my own ideas.  

This necklace was made before I knew about beads all over town, and I bought all my beads at Walmart and JoAnns.  My first attempt was Foxy Cleopatra, pg.47.  It had some vintage beads and bells and carnelian and a fused glass pendant.  I didn't even know what that meant, but it was beautiful and I didn't find anything like it.  

My version was made with a collection of red acrylic beads from a large mixed package--Walmart, of course, and vintage gold dangles from a pair of earrings that belonged to my mother.  I don't remember her wearing anything like them so they may have been really old, before my time.  Therefore, the necklace is my Foxy Cleo necklace (my mother's name).

It has a slight oriental look because  I made a second necklace to wear with it made with oriental lantern shaped beads.  I could make it today with carnelian and real bells and a fancy glass pendant, but I don't want to.  It means more to me the way it is.

The original Foxy Cleo Necklace:

Without second necklace.

With second necklace

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