Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Finish An Unfinished Beading Project

Today:  Take a step back and finish an unfinished beading project!

Now let's see.  Which project do I want to tackle first?  I chose an old one.  Again the inspiration comes from Stringing Style by Jamie Hogsett,  Pearl Cluster, cover and pg. 60.

While ordering beads, many moons ago, even many years, I found just the perfect cherry/cranberry colored pearl beads and knew they must be made into this necklace.  No focal bead was found.  Then some fun red wiggle wire appeared and was purchased and set aside for the piece.  Last year a lampworked bead showed up that suddenly said, "I'm the one."

The piece was started, but, lo, never completed.  Pearl beads, in case you haven't used them before, have the tiniest holes.  That is why the perfect tool to invest in is a pearl reamer.  One must also use finer wire with pearl--.012 or .014 AccuFlex or Bead-A-long is the best.  The wiggle wire was not that fine.  Each pearl had to be reamed out from both sides before they could be coaxed onto the wire.  As seen in the picture below, there are many, many pearls to be strung.  Thus, the project was tabled after a while--very labor intensive.

Now complete, it was a big, huge project.  It took way more than one day to complete.  Now it is gratefully done.  Whew!  The open wires are supposed to be that way, thankfully.  That saved a lot of time and energy.  I chose the red wiggle wire because some wires are exposed;  thought it might look better than plain gold.  It really doesn't show up that much, more the pity.  Random gold beads are strung throughout the piece.

It is pretty and a bit elegant for my clothes, but I could get something new.  Ha, ha, ha.  It will look good on a white knit top with a nicer, straight skirt.  Must dig deeper.

View it:  Pearls ala Cherry:

It is a somewhat cumbersome necklace with 6 rows of pearl beads.  Three rows are attached to the focal bead.  The focal is a lampworkeded bead with flakes of gold and multiple colors.  Earrings will come later.  See focal bead:

Gold focal bead compliments the gold strung beads.

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